Welcome to the Teddington & Ham Hydro Project

Have you seen our latest designs? We have submitted these in a planning variation that can be seen and commented on here. It’s just got better!

Do come inside and see our new videos showing the look and feel of the scheme from various positions! ‘What will it look like?’

The Teddington & Ham Hydro team obtained planning approval on 16 September 2015; We completed our latest fund raising on 26 Nov 2015 with an astounding amount of support shown via those who invested in this robust community energy scheme. We will be opening our main share offer shortly…

Teddington & Ham Hydro is a planned renewable scheme based on the installation of three hydro power turbines on the River Thames at Teddington Weir. The Teddington & Ham Hydro team believes that we, as a community, should be taking local action to make a contribution towards combating climate change and generating decentralised renewable energy. The flow over Teddington Weir allows for the possibility of generating clean, renewable energy.

Our vision for this project is…

  • to generate clean, cost-efficient electricity from the hydropower installation, thus reducing carbon emissions locally and nationally, and
  • to use the income generated to promote and develop further low-carbon solutions in Teddington, Ham and surrounding areas.

We are lucky to have the support of many amazing organisations and individuals for which we are hugely grateful. Details of our team and supporters can be found on the “Team” page.Please do browse our website for an overview of the scheme and latest news on our activity and development of the scheme. For those looking for more detail, please find technical details within our information section or please get in contact with us here.

The Rules of Teddington & Ham Hydro are available here: Signed THH Coop Rules.

Teddington Ham Hydro