Investor meeting to pre-launch our forthcoming share offer

Last night we held a public meeting in Teddington to allow potential investors to get the latest details on the scheme, the juicy intricacies of the investment opportunity and a chance to speak informally both with THH Directors and existing investors. I think it was a great success but don’t take my word for it. One of the audience said that it was “a fine showing; an informative display of this impressive scheme!”

But that was not all – as a precursor to a speech by Steve Jarvis, our MD, we were delighted to have the honour of a rousing intro from none other than the current Miss Earth England, Katrina Kendall. She emphasised the importance of acting locally to deal with our global energy and climate change challenges.


This kick starts our fund raising that will be happening over the coming months. Please note that if you want to take advantage of investing with the benefits of EIS (tax efficient), then you need to invest before the end of November. So don’t delay get in touch!

4 Responses to “Investor meeting to pre-launch our forthcoming share offer”

  1. Alison Porter

    Hi Chas please put me on the mailing list for info about investment etc – I can’t get the link to work

    • chashydro

      Hi Alison,
      You are now on the mailing list. The emails are going out today but go to our home page now and you will see a link to the share offer.


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