Outcome of Planning Committee

On Wednesday night (15 April), Richmond Borough Council deferred planning permission for our community hydropower project and asked for a further noise study.

The Councillors felt that they did not have enough information on the potential noise impacts of the the scheme to approve the scheme. All other potential issues were discussed at length and voted on. The Councillors collectively felt that other issues were not a reason not to approve the scheme.

The Teddington and Ham Hydro team are confident that the facts on noise are available to provide the Planning Committee with the comfort it needs and we will be working to resolve this. In the first instance, we will be engaging the the Council’s Planning Team to understand exactly how our application needs to alter to then be approved. We will then respond to this. Our application will then be re-schedule for decision at a future Planning Committee.

We will provide more details of our plans in the coming days.

In the meantime, we thank you for all the community support and urge you to help us to ensure a successfully application.

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