Over £700,000 raised in share offer!

We’ve raised a staggering £700,000 plus in just two weeks! Thanks to all our investors (new members of the cooperative) and to all those who helped to publicise the share offer.

We are delighted to have achieved such success. For those who have invested further funds, share certificates will issued shortly.  With regards to the Judicial Review, a challenge by the Lensbury to LBRuT on the planning decision, we are expecting to hear the initial view of the judge in the coming weeks. By the weak nature of the challenge provided by the Lensbury, we are confident that it will be quickly dismissed.

5 Responses to “Over £700,000 raised in share offer!”

  1. Mike Post

    Is that the remainder of the £2m in the share offer or the total £3.7m odd needed to complete the project?

  2. Please could you add me to your mailing list for your next fund raising effort?


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