Planning committee reconvenes on 16th September

Richmond Council’s planning committee will reconvene on Wednesday 16th September at 7pm at York House, Twickenham TW1 3AA to determine our planning application. The meeting is open to the public. The only issue which will be discussed will be its potential noise impact. Our new noise impact report states conclusively that the scheme will not exceed the very strict limits set by Richmond Council.

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  1. Anne Hewitt

    I don’t agree with the conclusion that the noise levels caused by the introduction of the archimedian screws will not impact the environment. The resulting disturbing drone is bound to be heard by communities in surrounding residential properties up and down the river. I gather that the scheme is likely to agreed upon, other objections not deemed relevant enough for consideration. Personally I think the whole project is a waste of money and all
    things considered, in terms of worthwhile energy creation, of comparatively limited value.

    • Why don’t you have a look at the video on our facebook page of the scheme at Romney Weir? There is no drone. “Of comparatively limited value” – thanks for your comment – it was also of comparatively limited value.

    • Have a look at the noise reports online or take our word for it. 5dB below lowest background noise levels. Pre-construction verification of proposed mitigation to ensure that it will work. Pre-commissioning noise testing.

  2. Paul Frieze

    As a member of Lensbury Club, I am well aware of the noise made when the current weir is in full flow – it is really quite loud. It would be hard to believe that the proposed scheme would be any louder particularly, as has been pointed out, the scheme will effectively not be operable when the tide is high and little noise is generated by water flowing over the weir.
    It is worth remembering that the aircraft noise in the local area is considerable, certainly as bad if not worse than the weir when in full flow – we know because we live under a flight path.
    I fully support the proposed scheme as I believe we should be doing as much as we can to exploit alternative sustainable viable energy sources. This scheme seems to fill all of these requirements.

  3. I can’t see how the operation of the hydro scheme will make noise that is louder than the weir, which is a significant source of decibels!


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