What Will It Look Like?

Latest design images that have recently been developed! Click on each image to make them larger!






A bird’s eye view (above). Note the red line is the foot print of the scheme that currently has planning permission and therefore shows that the overall footprint of the new design has been significantly reduced in size.

Teddington 20151202-Option 1-Upstream

Above: the scheme as looking from upstream

Teddington 20151202-Option 1-Low tide High tide Flood

Above: The screws are not fixed and therefore can both be tweaked to maximise efficiency and in extreme flooding can be pulled out of the water to maximise flow.

Teddington 20151202-Option 1-Downstream

Above: A view of the scheme immediately downstream.

Teddington 20151202-Option 1-Aerial Perspective

Above: An aerial view.

Videos of the latest design

The links below will take you to our latest videos animating some of the figures above. We will shortly be pulling together more information that highlights the thinking that has led to these new designs that respond to challenges to improve noise, aesthetics and flood management.


The images below are of an earlier design of the scheme (now superceded) viewed from the Teddington Lock footbridge and from the Ham bank – the approved earlier design which has now been superseded by the design above.

HH_060_71_Teddington Bridge
A larger version of a closer picture of the new turbine